The most important step you can take, is the first one.

Hello everyone ☺️

So this is a bit of a different post compared to what I usually blog about but I was really compelled to share this message. I also wanted it to be clear that my blog is not strictly fashion or strictly beauty, but a platform where I am able to share what I feel is important to me and what I believe will be of benefit to other people.

As the title says, the most important step to take is the first one. During a conversation with a friend of mine this came up and it really made me realise how important it is for us to go for what we want without fear of failure. This is something that many of us, including myself, struggle with. I chose to study a degree in economics rather than fashion or beauty because I wanted the security that I wasn’t going to fail. I thought that if I were to pursue the career where my true interests lie then there was a bigger possibility of failure. As I’ve become more understanding of the working environment and what success is to me, I have come to understand that taking the first step in the direction that you believe will make you the happiest is one of the proudest achievements you could ever bestow upon yourself. I say this because every successful person in life starts of by making that one decision that got them to where they are in life.

For me it was too late to change my course and luckily for me I really do enjoy what I’m learning. However I’ve always had a strong and profound interest in fashion and beauty which has so far lead me into the most amazing things all because I put my fear of failure to one side and just took my first step. I was able to start my own YouTube channel, start my own blog, create my own hair company, walk in a fashion show and compete in Miss Face of East Africa, just to name a few. This is not to brag but to highlight that almost all these things took place in less than one year.

So I urge anyone who is afraid to do the degree course, or audition for that role or apply for that job. Take a leap of faith, pray on it, and take that first step. But always remember that the first step is the first of many and in order for you to achieve any goal you have set yourself always work hard, and never let a setback deter you from your amazing journey.

Thank you for reading




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